In our society, the interest in relaxation in so-called ?Wellness Oases?, increasingly gain in importance. The requirements on wellness plants consequently increase. Therefore, a thought-out, effective control is essential to meet the requirements of the guests and do justice to the energy saving spirit of the owner at the same time. The recovery and storage of the residual heat from unused saunas is just one example.
The interfaces available in our hardware have been prepared for big installations already. Numerous control and measuring connections have been integrated. The use of a bus system permits an adaptation to the wellness area in size and type of applications.
Our know-how and the highly sophisticated software provide a multitude of functions and thus indirectly support the applications in the wellness sector.
 From individual wellness components, the owner can compile complex ?ambiences?, offering his guests a harmonic stay. Each ?ambience? (refreshing or relaxing) can be individually adjusted to the desire of the guest.
In an operator-friendly way, the components can be arranged to form a type of ?ambience?:
  • shower experience
  • water / air temperature
  • humidity / vapor generators
  • light control
  • music and moody sounds
  • scent composition
  • fountains
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