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Even during the development of the HIMOD-I/O system the emphasis was placed on the implementation in process control and regulation. The modules are equipped with their own intelligence and the possibility of signal preprocessing. The extensive functionality can easily be adapted for each module to specific customer applications. The intelligent field bus system integrates perfectly into every process landscape with the common standards CANopen, Profibus-DP, Modbus and Ethernet.
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Products in this category:

HE 5811 HIMOD field bus coupler CANopen
HE 5812 HIMOD field bus coupler Profibus-DP
HE 5813 HIMOD field bus coupler Modbus RTU
HE 5814 HIMOD field bus coupler Ethernet ETH
HE 5820 HIMOD digital input module 8 x 24 V DC
HE 5822 HIMOD digital input module 4 x 115/230 V AC
HE 5825 HIMOD digital output module 8 x 24 V DC
HE 5826 HIMOD relay output module 4 x REL
HE 5830 HIMOD analogue input module 4 x AI
HE 5831 HIMOD analogue input module 2 x potentiometers
HE 5832 HIMOD analogue input module 2 x AI
HE 5835 HIMOD analogue output module 4 x AO
HE 5836 HIMOD analogue combi module 2 x AI, 2 x AO
HE 5840 HIMOD RTD input module 4 x RTD
HE 5841 HIMOD TC input module 2 x TC
HE 5841-1 HIMOD TC/O2-input module 2 x TC, 2 x O2
HE 5841-2 HIMOD TC input module 4 x TC
HE 5842 HIMOD analogue input module pH-value / temperature
HE 5843 HIMOD analogue input module redox / temperature
HE 5844 HIMOD analogue input module conductance / temperature
HE 5845 HIMOD analogue input module O2 / temperature
HE 5846 HIMOD RTD input module 2 x RTD
HE 5850 HIMOD power module
HE 5861 HIMOD strain gauge module
HE 5862 HIMOD controller module CONT
SmartControl configuration environment