Filtration controllers

The valve controllers from HESCH are used to pulse solenoid valves in industrial dust extraction technology. The intelligence of the HESCH filter controllers thereby has a considerable influence on the reduction of the emission values and the energy costs. We offer the complete automation spectrum, both for new installations as well as for increasing the performance of existing fibrous filter systems.

Devices in housing version for zone 22 installation.
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Products in this category:

HE 5710 Solenoid valve controller, 4 valves
HE 5711 Solenoid valve controller, 8 valves
HE 5721 Valve Control Unit 12 - 24 valves
HE 5721 Valve Control Unit with front panel, 12 - 24 valves
HE 5722 Solenoid valve controller, 12 - 24 valves
HE 5731 Solenoid valve controller, 16 - 32 valves
HE 8991 Valve Control Unit