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In our development department, your wishes become real solutions. We communicate with you in all phases of development, in order to reach the common goal step-by- step

Electronics development

For us, this means development and manufacturing of entire electronic devices, machines and systems. You get the hardware and the software from a single source.

We develop according to your requirements, including the design of the additional mechanics such as housing, front panels, front foils etc.

Apart from a wide range of standard products, the individual electronics development and manufacturing of devices and system solutions is one of our core competencies. We use latest technologies and our long-term experience to fulfill nearly every customer request.

We are a provider who knows the analogue circuitry, the digital signal processing as well as the microprocessor technology. Our partners benefit from this know-how.

In our control solutions, we develop advantages and unique selling points for our customers. Stand-alone devices or customized product solutions are our specialty.

You do not buy something that you do not need! Still, the solution remains flexible and can be adapted to new requirements. Thus, you can secure your competitive advantages and strengthen your image and your brand on the market.

In the title topic of our IE magazine with german language (issue 3/2016), you can find out how a cooperation with our customers can look like.

The company BIO-CIRCLE relies on a user-optimized electronic development from HESCH for its parts washer system.

Many things are feasible. Contact us.


An initial discussion offers the chance to find out about the technical possibilities and opens up the opportunity for a successful cooperation based on partnership. We look forward to new challenges.


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Individual system solutions (Kopie 1)
This comprises the development and manufacture of complete electronic appliances, systems and plants. Hardware and software is provided from one single source. We develop based on your requirements, including the design of the complementing mechanics, such as housing, front panels, front touch screens, etc.
Apart from our extensive range of standard products, the individual development and manufacture of units and system solutions is one of our strong points. We employ the latest technologies and our years of experience to meet every customer?s desire, if possible. We are a supplier mastering analogous switching technology, as well as digital signal processing and microprocessor technology. This know-how is to the benefit of our partners. Within our controller solutions, we incorporate advantages and USPs for our customers. Stand-alone units, as well as customer-specific solutions are our specialty.

You don?t buy what you don?t need, yet, the solutions remains flexible and is adapted to new requirements, if necessary.
This way, you can secure the competitive edge and strengthen your image on the market.
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