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Differential pressure measuring units

We supply differential pressure measuring units for the evaluation of gas pressures.
A manufacturer of sensitive differential pressure sensors with typical measuring ranges from a few millibars to 1 bar, we also provide the respective technical support.
Typical applications are the recording and subsequent calculation of the volume flow inside a pipe or the condition of a filtration unit. We configure the measuring range exactly to your application and offer the respective evaluation upon request. 
Our latest development in the field of differential pressure control is the HE 5411 with limit value indication or the HE 5422, which is also available with integrated measuring hose cleaning (HE 5422 MR).

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Products in this category:

HE-5411 Differential Pressure Measuring Transducer
HE 5409 Differential Pressure Transducer
HE 5410 Differential Pressure Transducer
HE 5420 Differential Pressure Controller
HE 5421 Differential Pressure Controller
HE 5422 Differential pressure controller, ± 2,5 to ± 1000 mbar
HE 5422MR Differential pressure controller with integrated measuring hose cleaning